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Strange Animal

48''x20''x20''- 3 Compartment Premium PVC Reptile Enclosure | Reptile Cage w/ Acrylic Panels

48''x20''x20''- 3 Compartment Premium PVC Reptile Enclosure | Reptile Cage w/ Acrylic Panels

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Unleash the Unexplored: Strange Animal Enclosures - The Ideal Modular Habitat for Your Curious Climbers and Creepy Crawlies

Do your Crested Geckos crave separate climbing adventures? Does your Gargoyle Gecko dream of a multi-level domain? Strange Animal Enclosures cater to the wildest reptilian desires, crafting exceptional modular habitats that go beyond the ordinary, perfect for a variety of small inhabitants!

Handcrafted in the USA using the finest reptile-safe materials, Strange Animal Enclosures offer unparalleled functionality and unleash the inner explorer in all your creepy crawlies and curious climbers:

    • Modular Mastery: 3 chambers (15x20x20) for custom reptile havens or ideal tarantula homes. Connect them or use them solo.
    • Ditch the Box: Stunning, modern design inspires your creepy crawlies' instincts. Each compartment themed with textures, climbing spots, and hiding places.
    • Effortless Eden: Bioactive-ready, eliminates barriers for easy setup and less maintenance. More time admiring your fascinating pets!
    • Cleaning a Snap: Nonporous finish reduces stress and makes cleaning a breeze. No more substrate struggles.
    • Swift Setup: Forget complexity! Ready in under an hour with easy guides. Your reptilian paradise awaits.
    • Fort Knox Security: Secure doors and tempered glass for viewing and peace of mind. We prioritize all inhabitant safety.
    • Eco-Conscious Design: Beautiful & energy-efficient! PVC construction retains heat/humidity better than glass terrariums, reducing energy consumption.
    • Stack Up (up to 4 units): Maximize space and manage multiple reptile enclosures efficiently.

    Don't settle for generic habitats. Give your smaller reptile friends and tarantulas the extraordinary home they deserve. Strange Animal Enclosures - where function meets fantasy for your cherished exotic pets.

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