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Strange Animal

36''x24''x36'' Premium PVC Reptile Enclosure | 3'x2'x3 Reptile Cage w/ Acrylic Panels

36''x24''x36'' Premium PVC Reptile Enclosure | 3'x2'x3 Reptile Cage w/ Acrylic Panels

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Unleash the Unexplored: Strange Animal Enclosures for Your Extraordinary Arboreal Reptile

Does your Green Tree Python dream of scaling a rainforest canopy? Does your Boa Constrictor crave a verdant jungle paradise? Strange Animal Enclosures cater to the wildest reptilian desires, crafting exceptional habitats that go beyond the ordinary.

Handcrafted in the USA using the finest reptile-safe materials, Strange Animal Enclosures offer unparalleled functionality and unleash your pet's inner explorer:

  • Arboreal Oasis: Our ½” thick PVC construction ensures precise temperature control, creating the perfect environment for your climbing companion. Imagine a multi-level enclosure teeming with branches and vines, replicating the lush rainforests or sun-dappled woodlands that arboreal reptiles call home.
  • A World of Wonder: Ditch the boring box! We design striking, modern enclosures that complement your home's décor while providing an environment that ignites your reptile's natural instincts. Think cascading waterfalls, hidden basking platforms, and strategically placed foliage for ultimate climbing enjoyment.
  • Effortless Eden: Strange Animal Enclosures are bioactive-ready, eliminating the need for separate substrate barriers. This simplifies setup and maintenance, allowing you to spend more time observing your fascinating climber.
  • Cleaning a Snap: Our nonporous matte finish creates a stress-free environment for your reptile and makes cleaning a breeze. No more wrestling with stubborn substrate or worrying about harmful bacteria.
  • Swift Setup: Forget complicated instructions! Your Strange Animal Enclosure arrives with easy-to-follow guides, ensuring your reptilian paradise is ready in under an hour.
  • Fort Knox Security: We prioritize your pet's safety. Our Cast Acrylic glass doors offer excellent viewing and effortless access, while secure locking options provide peace of mind.
  • Eco-Conscious Design: Strange Animal Enclosures are not just beautiful, they're energy-efficient too! The robust PVC construction retains heat and humidity more effectively than traditional glass terrariums, reducing energy consumption.

Don't settle for a generic habitat. Give your arboreal reptile friend the extraordinary home it deserves. Strange Animal Enclosures - where function meets fantasy for your cherished exotic pet.

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